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The head admins make the final desicions on this, but I want to bring up that I feel like the infoboxes on this wiki need to be modified. It's not the design that's the problem, it's that the input sections aren't the best options, and a lot of infoboxes aren't made to hide unfilled information, leaving lots of "Unknown" behind. The infoboxes could be made to be based off info-wise the infoboxes on the Miraculous Ladybug Wiki, or they can be made from scratch to have their own selections of info to note.

I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on this; this is a suggestion, and I understand if I'm the only editor to feel this way.

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I think this is a great point! Since we've only got twenty pages on here, we've got the option to easily make basically however many modifications we need, since only a few pages will be using each infobox, and remaking them is certainly an option. I'd be happy to help out with this!


Okay! Would you want to make them from scratch, or would you want to use the ML Wiki's infobox (the format, not the design) as a base and then modify them from there?


I'd think it would be great to have the format match the ML wiki, although that's totally your call. But I think it'd be nice to have a bit more continuity between the two, especially if crossovers between the shows are going to be happening.


That's what I was thinking, and as I told R33ds. this wiki can use any of the templates made and utlized by the ML Wiki. I'll start working on changing a few of them, though I may have to work on them in chunks, as I have things going on throughout the day. Thank you! :)


Thanks Tansyflower! I should be able to help out in a few hours, so I'll check in then if not before!


Nice work with the character infobox—your edits look great! I also made a few modifications to the other infoboxes, although there was a lot less that needed doing there. But apart from one tiny detail I noticed (which I hope to fix on the Miraculous wiki), it looks like the infoboxes are fully compatible between the two! Thanks for working on this!

I've added a lot of templates to this wiki, and you're free to adjust/modify them in any shape or form you like. You or one of the other admins may want to add this code, though. If you can make a MediaWiki:Wikia.js page and add this, the Spoiler notice boxes will have the hide page ability that's seen on the ML Wiki.
/* Spoiler alert */
window.SpoilerAlert = {
    isSpoiler: function () {
        return -1 != $.inArray('Spoiler', wgCategories);
    type: 'script',
    articles: [

Thank you so much, Tansyflower!

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