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When Zagtoon creates a new show, they name it after the main protagonist. This discussion wasn't necessary on the ML wikia because the show was known as Miraculous Ladybug and Marinette never called herself "Miraculous Ladybug," just "Ladybug." Recently, a whole slew of edits had to take place on the Zak Storm wikia because the show's name is "Zak Storm: Super Pirate" and not just "Zak Storm." In rechanging the show name and any redirects from "Zak Storm" to "Zak Storm: Super Pirate," Zak Storm's page, "Zak Storm (character)" had to be changed to "Zak Storm."

Can we change the page and links "Pixie Girl" to "Pixie Girl (show)" so that the character Pixie Girl can have her page and links be to her name "Pixie Girl" instead of "Pixie Girl (character)"? This will save much time in the long run.

The show's name will change. The character's name might not. It took a while to edit all the Zak Storm pages and I'm sure I've missed several.

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We've got just over twenty pages right now, so updating them shouldn't be too hard at this point. And I'm pretty sure that "Pixie Girl" is a codename: given that there are other pixies, it would make little sense for that to be her given name, and so once we learn it we can change the title of her page to that. For now, since it's a manageable number of pages, I think we should leave it as it is until we have more information on either the character or the show.

Potassium. It's just that ZS's name wasn't known until it aired. It was thought to be Zak Storm the entire time.
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