This article is about the series. You may be looking for the character, the live-action film, or the web series.

Pixie Girl, also known as Pixigirl or Pixi Girl, is a CGI French animated series produced by ZAG Animation, Method Animation, and Planeta Junior.[3] The first season is projected to premiere in 2019, and will be followed by a second season and a live-action feature film.[4][2][5] 78 episodes are planned, each being 11 minutes long.


A spunky, adventurous Pixie and her awestruck human friend explore New York City while battling the tyrannical rule of the city’s evil wytches, who scheme to forever cast away the city’s ties to pixies and the purity of nature. Using magical pixie powers, Pixie Girl must race a ticking clock, to thwart the wytches’ evil plots and return to the safety of Central Park before her glow is gone forever. Will special powers, pure intent and a human partnership be enough to revive the city’s lost ties to nature? We’re betting on it![2]





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