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Pixie Girl (also stylized as Pixi Girl and Pixigirl) is a little pixie who transforms into a humanoid superheroine with magic powers to save the world from witches.[1]


Physically, she has long blonde hair, which includes bangs and a high ponytail, and light green eyes.

In her normal pixie appearance, she is small, with her ponytail accented by a yellow and brown shell. She dons a light brown dress and has transparent wings.

As a superhero, she is at a medium human height and size. She wears a pink mask over her eyes, a pink bodysuit with white lower arms, lower legs and neckline. At the center of her neckline is a green diamond. A light pink flower with a slightly darker center is attached to the top of her ponytail and a green string is tied around her hips with a similar flower as the one seen in her hair attached above the knot. Her wings are larger and are a translucent white with hints of pink at the tips.

Pixie gif


As a normal pixie, her wings enable her to fly.

As Pixie Girl, she can still fly with her wings. Her magical abilities are the power of Mother Nature, like controlling and altering the shape of the flora around her to massive sizes.[2][3]


Unnamed Human

Pixie Girl and the unnamed human explore New York together while battling witches.[4] She may have a crush on him, but it's an "impossible love," as pixies are not allowed to fall in love with humans.[5]

The Sorcerer

There is an "impossible love" between the Pixie Girl and the Sorcerer.[6]



Pixigirl peace
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