This timeline holds a list of events pertaining to Pixie Girl , both in the real world and within the series itself. For now, it is a list of documented news and events that follows Pixie Girl's development with updated news. Italicized information is information that is still considered true, while striked information is information that is out of date or debunked, therefore no longer being true.



  • February 20: An image of Pixie Girl is revealed by Jeremy Zag on Instagram. It reveals that there will be 39 episodes in the first season, each 22 minutes long.[1]


  • March 07: An image of Pixie Girl reveals that a live action movie is planned.[2]


  • October 04: Pixie Girl is shown at MIPCON 2015.[3]


  • December 24: The Kitsune Network interviews Jared Wolfson, who reveals that Pixie Girl won't be out for sometime.[4]



  • July 23: A teaser for Pixie Girl was shown at San Diego Comic-Con International, featuring images and test footage that had been previously revealed by Jeremy Zag on Instagram.[5]


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